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Did you know that in today’s world virtually everyone expects anyone who is doing anything of value or interest to have a website? The fact is that having a website can help increase your sales by increasing your exposure to many new clients who might otherwise never learn of your services or products. But many simply can’t afford the thousands of dollars generally needed to design a full-blown commercial website, plus the cost of maintenance and the annual domain and hosting fees.

However, sooner or later you will realize that you simply can’t afford NOT to have an Internet presence.

We can help! 

At Cheap Sites we specialize in helping small, start-up companies or non-profit missions or ministries that operate on very tight budgets to establish their presence on the Internet by creating a very basic, yet attractive and effective web site. A site that, once created, costs you Nothing to maintain.  Unless you request additional services from us, there are NO ongoing fees for website hosting, or domain names, or anything else at all. Zip, Nada, Zero. We mean FREE!

Some wonder how we can do this for so little cost. We start with a very basic blog site and then we reconfigure it slightly to look more like a standard website. It has been our experience that while the fancy sites with all the bling and flash have a certain entertainment value, they don’t actually sell your product or service any better than a well-designed simple site. After all, if you don't offer a good product or service, no amount of bling or flash on your website is going to convince your potential customer to buy from you. Your good product or service will sell itself with the right kind of exposure on your Cheap Site!

The secret is to Keep It Simple

We believe that a simple, clean, consistent layout that uses a lot of open space with easy navigation will be easier on the viewer's eye - and patience - and will enhance your site. We want to keep your customer’s focus on your product or service. After all, that’s why they are there – to learn about and buy your product or service – not to be distracted by bling and flash.

We strongly recommend using a simple one-page basic design where only the content may vary.  In this way the design will keep the visitor focused on your message about your product or services. And isn't that what you want? By the way, you're looking at a Cheap Site right now.

Simple doesn't mean Boring

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean that it must be boring. We offer several templates that are available with numerous variables within each that allow us to tailor an attractive and professional looking site especially for your needs. We encourage the use of appropriate graphics as we’ve all heard that a good picture is worth a thousand words. So, we wish to use good quality photos and/or charts to your best advantage without cluttering up your site with confusing or meaningless graphics and visual gimmicks.

We also include a hyperlink to your e-mail address so your customers can contact you directly, and we can install merchant-pay features so that your customers can purchase directly from your website if you wish.

About those graphics...

When we install graphics on your Cheap Site, we will generally size the photo to provide a good view of your product. However, by simply clicking on the graphic, it will expand into a full-size image which will show off your product in greater detail. Go ahead - try it now. Just click on the photo above to view it full-size, then click the Back arrow to return to the text.

If you have good quality raw graphics, we can work with you to crop and size them for use on your Cheap Site. We can discuss this in detail during your free initial consultation.

What about copy?

Most people who are starting a new business venture generally have some marketing materials. We can use your existing materials to generate the copy for your Cheap Site. If you have no marketing materials at all, we may be able to write product copy for you for a reasonable fee.

Generally speaking, your Cheap Site is intended to introduce you and your product or service to potential customers by providing an overview. It is not generally intended to educate them on all aspects of your product or service. If you believe you will need more, we can discuss your needs during your free initial consultation. We recommend that product photos with short descriptions be posted on your Cheap Site. When a customer responds, you can then e-mail the specific and detailed information they requested. We can also assist you in converting your sales materials into secure and printer-friendly Adobe PDF documents for quick and easy e-mailing to your customers.

Customers can order directly from your Cheap Site.

If you wish to sell directly from your website, you will need to establish a merchant account with a credit card servicing provider. While some merchants use E-bay's PayPal, there are a number of such service providers to choose from. Once your account is established with the card services provider of your choice, you will be given an "html code" which we will use to install the payment buttons on your Cheap Site.

When your customer clicks on the payment button, another window will open within the card services provider's SECURE website. Within that realm of sophisticated security, your customer can safely provide their credit card billing information to complete the purchase transaction. You will generally receive an e-mail at your dedicated Cheap Site e-mail address indicating the details of the transaction. Then it is up to you to provide product or service fulfillment for your customer.

If you need more...

As your business and budget grows, you may find that you want or need to invest in a more sophisticated website, at which time we can also assist you. Then your Cheap Site can be reconfigured back to serve as your business blogging site. However, some of our clients may find that they never need more of an Internet presence than their Cheap Site already provides.

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For more information regarding our services and pricing please feel free to contact us via our e-link below to schedule a free initial consultation. We look forward to being of service to you!


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